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 Amazon to release Android tablet and App Store?

Amazon & Android

Amazon & Android

Amazon are stirring up quite a haze around their involvement with Android at the moment. Sure, the Amazon Kindle application for Android has been around for a while now, but we’ve recently learned Amazon might launch their own App Store for Android too. To become a developer for this Amazon App Store you have to pay a fee of $99 and Amazon will pay you a royalty equal to the greater of 70% of the purchase price or 20% of the List Price as of the purchase date. What is most interesting comes next…

It has subsequently been alleged that Amazon may release their very own tablet based device. This device will presumably run Android too because of the App Store that they have just announced. Sure, this isn’t a given, but it would be surprising if Amazon stuck to their own software like they did for the Kindle (which runs a Linux-2.6.10 based platform). The rumor is borne out of information from TechCrunch, so head on over there if you want to read it form the horses mouth.

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 T-Mobile G2 Arrives Early at Radio Shack, Available Now!

The Shack now has your G2. Yep, staying true to their promise about being the first to get the G2, Radio Shack now has the T-Mobile G2 available for grabs today – October 3rd!

With T-mobile still taking pre-orders, Radio Shack wasted no time in stocking up for launch today. Some locations on the West coast had the device on sale on Saturday evening. It should be safe to say, most Radio Shack stores on the East should now be stocked up with the device.

I just called  my local store (Springfield, MA) and they have two in stock! Give your nearest Radio Shack a call and get there as quick as you can – safely of course!

Let us know if you grabbed yours in the comment section below. Checkout some more information on the G2 and unboxing HERE!

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 Official Android 2.2 Build for the Samsung Captivate Leaked


The official Froyo build for the Samsung Captivate leak is here – unofficially. It seems like the Android 2.2 build leaked and you can get it on your devices without waiting for the OTA update.

Froyo build brings the following improvements to the Samsung Captivate:

  • Colored icons in settings

  • GPS Fix

  • New keyboard

  • Android 2.2 search widget

  • GPS, Auto Rotation on notifications bar

  • Darker menu theme

  • Pop up notifications are darker

  • New “Development USB” icon

  • New app icons (AllShare, Clock, Calendar)

  • Media Hub

  • Nook app

  • JIT Compiler

  • Better Exchange support

  • Android 2.2 Market improvements

  • Improved notifications bar icons

  • Pinch to zoom homescreens

  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 available in Market and working!

To install 2.2 unto your device. You need the following:

Next, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Android 2.2 Froyo update from designgears (the exe Odin flasher)

  2. Make sure your Captivate’s USB cable is plugged into the computer but not the phone.

  3. Open the .exe file on your Windows PC

  4. Put your phone into download mode by turning it off, holding down the volume keys and plugging the phone into your computer with the MicroUSB cord

  5. The .exe from designgears should now recognize your phone.

  6. Click “Start” to begin!

  7. Once it’s done, let it reboot itself up!

That should do it! If you try this on your Captivate, please leave us a comment below and let us know how it goes.

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 Google Acquires Virtual Keyboard Start-up BlindType


It looks like Google has some plans for a major keyboard overhaul for Android with its latest acquisition. Google has just acquired BlindType, the revolutionary virtual keyboard that allows for – as the name suggests – blind typing, has finally gotten some much needed attention. A post on the BlindType blog about the acquisition stated:

We are excited to announce that BlindType has been acquired by Google! We want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and positive feedback. We know that typing on your mobile device can be a frustrating experience, which is why we’ve worked hard to make touch typing easier and faster than ever – the way it should be. We’re excited to join Google, and look forward to the great opportunities for mobile innovation that lie ahead.

Since the BlindType software has not even been released, it’s too early to predict Google’s next move. I hope we can expect some new keyboard features in the next Android OS release – Honeycomb maybe?

Will BlindType change the frustrating mobile typing experience with its new predictive technology? Google, please release a beta version and let the Android community decide! Enough with the YouTube demos already!

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 T-Mobile CLIQ Getting a Successor?

While some of you might find thisto be a little unexpected, we’re hearing that the Motorola Begonia on that T-Mobile roadmap we leaked in July is actually the T-Mobile CLIQ 2. We wouldn’t think the CLIQ qualified for sequel status, but I guess we were wrong according to the fun-loving crew over at Engadget, who was been offered a little information about this “Begonia.” We must say, we’re kind of interested.

Rumored features of the Motorola Begonia (CLIQ 2) include:

  • Android 2.2
  • Solid full-QWERTY keyboard

    • No gaps between keys
    • Described as interesting

  • 3G hotspot support
  • Wi-Fi calling feature

The device is rumored to be hitting shelves in early November and as some of us know already, the T-Mobile G2 doesn’t have the 3G hotspot feature just yet, so at the moment this device one ups the G2 in that category. As we hear more, we’ll be sure and let you know. Anyone feel the CLIQ is worthy of a successor?

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 T-Mobile UK Pushes Back Froyo for the Galaxy S

T-Mobile UK has previously stated that they were going to roll out Android 2.2 for the Samsung Galaxy S by the end of the month and surprise surprise, no Froyo. T-Mobile UK has now stated in their support forums that the update has been pushed back a “couple of weeks.”

While some of you might have taken T-Mobile UK’s word to heart, we can’t really take anything as 100% fact until this update begins hitting devices. The update will be available on Samsung’s Kies program so keep checking that if you want, but Froyo will be hitting the Galaxy S soon enough so try and be patient.

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 T-Mobile UK to Push Out OTA Update to HTC Wildfire

T-Mobile UK will be rolling out an OTA update to their HTC Wildfire beginning Monday, October 4th that will bring more stability to the Android 2.1 firmware. Although it’s not the Android 2.2 that Wildfire users were hoping for, stability is always a good thing. T-Mobile UK posted the following in their support forums:

Hi folks

From Monday 4th October there will be an over the air (OTA) update making it’s way to T-Mobile branded Wildfires. This update will improve the general stability of the 2.1 operating system.

Watch out for it coming your way from Monday.


T-Mobile forum team

Be on the lookout for the OTA update early next week. Anyone having any issues with their HTC Wildfire?

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